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How To Add Open Graph Tags to your WordPress Site (and Twitter too)

Facebook like buttonThere are plugins out there to help you add Open Graph tags to your WordPress site. But like all plugins, sometimes they work how you want, other times they don’t.  In my case, they didn’t.

So here’s a short tutorial on how to add Open Graph Tags to your site in a way that makes sense. We will:

  • enable thumbnails
  • add a like button for single post pages and the index page
  • for single posts, display post thumbnail and permalink url
  • for index page, put post permalink into Like button URL
  • allow for a default blog thumbnail

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Snaps on a Plane


No Fly Zone

US considers no-fly zone in Libya

iPad 2 orders will be limited to people with Apple stickers on rear windshield

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apple unveiled the next generation of iPad—the iPad 2—featuring a faster processor, enhanced retina display screen in a smaller shell. Widely seen as the best and most sought after tablet on the market, it also will become the most difficult to purchase.

Why? Apple is limiting the sale of the iPad 2 to people who have Apple logo stickers on the rear windshield of their vehicles.

“We know the iPad 2 will sell out in minutes. That’s a fact. But we also want to reward our loyal customers who purchase first generation devices from us that even we know are subpar. Ergo sum: you show us love, we allow you to buy our stuff,” said a company spokesperson.

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Charlie Sheen announces he’ll work from home tomorrow

BURBANK, CA – Sources report Charlie Sheen announced on the set of Two and a Half Men that he’ll work from home tomorrow.

“I just feel like I need a break, you know, and that I’ll be more productive from home,” Sheen reportedly stated to the crew, “because I won’t have so many distractions.You guys cool with that?”

The reaction from the crew was mixed.  When asked for a comment, a grip said, “I don’t get this guy, first he says he needs a break, then he wants to come back to work, now he wants to work from home. I feel like he’s not giving 100%, like he’s not part of the team.”

This would not be the first time Sheen’s behavior caused a tense working environment.  In 2008, Sheen reportedly acted out the final scene from Les Miserables in a tutu.

Critical of Sheen’s motives, the script supervisor said “I think he’s just going to spend the day doing errands and stuff.”

Unlikely, says Sheen. “I have people who do that kind of stuff for me.” corrected Sheen, “I just want a special day when I can work at my own pace. Find my inner Charlie Sheen.”

Sheen, notable for his work in both dramas and comedies–Platoon, Hot Shots Part Deux–made his case. “Look guys, I know what I’m talking about here. We do this in my backyard, we can do a cinema veritas thing.”

Regardless if Sheen is on or off the set tomorrow, the impact of his decision is likely to be minimal.  ”We’re not actually filming the show right now, I hope he knows this. We’re just packing up the props” commented one producer.

“I’m glad he’ll be home tomorrow. He makes everyone to be on edge,” added his assistant.

Producers currently have an internship opportunity open to fill in for Sheen. All are welcome to apply.

Mobile, Alabama optimizes self for smaller size, form factor

What the skyline of Mobile Alabama will look like once construction is complete

Artists rendering of new skyline

Mobile, Alabama

Current Mobile Alabama skyline

MOBILE, ALABAMA – In response to a growing discontent voiced at town hall meetings, the city council members of Mobile, Alabama have voted to take steps to redesign their city to better fit their current set of features.

In a statement released yesterday, the council proclaimed, “with our budget shortfalls and increased spending, the council has no option but to make severe, and drastic reorganization. Our plan may be a shock to some, but a benefit to all.”

The council presented a 3-page plan which includes:

  • all residents must move to the center of town, live in stacked housing units
  • advertising limited to the north and south tip of town
  • support for extra services will be limited or not available at all
  • cost of living will be determined by either AT&T, Verizon, or TMobile depending on style of house

Some residents welcome the change.  ”It’s really the future, you know, it’s in our name.”

Others have more creative ideas, “let’s change the city name to Desktop, Alabama. That might fix things.”

The motion is currently being considered by the City Council.

Man blames Facebook privacy settings as excuse for never responding to girlfriends posts

POKIPSIE, MICHIGAN – A Michigan man yesterday admitted he blamed Facebook privacy settings for not responding to his girlfriend’s wall posts.  ”She gets mad at me for not ‘liking’ her morning coffee selection or the funny thing she said to her mother. Its just easier this way.”

“I just don’t think a lot of what she writes about is interesting,” the 24-year old continued, “I know that’s bad but it’s true.”

He claims the idea came to him in a flash.  He remembered a news report “several months back” that people were unhappy with Facebook’s Privacy Policy.  ”I told her I was concerned by my privacy and so me not getting her posts was a side effect. I actually don’t know how to change my privacy settings.”

In an unfortunate turn, the surprising admission was overhead by a co-worker who “thought it was funny” and promptly posted it to Facebook. Geralds girlfriend has updated her status to read, “is going to allow her ex to have more privacy” and has changed her relationship status to “single.”