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AOL starts coin jar to buy Google

CoinsHENERSON, CA – In a statement released Monday, AOL employees have started a coin jar to collect funds in order to purchase rival Google.

“The idea came to me when I suggested my 8-year old daughter save up money to buy a pet grooming kit,” said company spokesperson David Angisevics, “and I thought why can’t we do this?”

“I wanted to teach her the lesson that if you want something you have to save for it. Buying Google would be a step in the right direction, after Patch.”

So far, they have collected $3.42, mostly in pennies, a gum wrapper and a resume.

When asked about the resume, Justine Lafebvre commented, “hey, if they’re going to get this jar as an offering, I might as well take my chances, right?”

“It might take some time,” commented Angisevics, “but it’s worth a shot.”

Google is valued at $32 Billion.

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