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Job seeker plans to be recruiter’s “best damn interview ever”

PALO ALTO, CA – According to a report by his wife, Brad Radcliff, 45, plans to give the best damn interview later today. “There’s just no way I can fail,” said Radcliff, adding this was going to be his day.

This comes as welcome news to wife Cheri, father and mother Dick and Martha and friends. “He just hasn’t been himself since, you know two months ago,” said Martha, “we just don’t talk about it.”

“We don’t talk about it because he’s a pussy,” interjected Dick.

Radcliff, a software engineer, when asked about his game plan replied, “I’ve memorized all of the answers to all the crazy, oddball questions they can throw at you, like how do you cut a cake in eight slices with just three cuts. There’s nothing I can’t handle.”

Radcliff’s actual job skills, however, are in some doubt. While claiming on his resume to be a “master” at Javascript, sources reveal a copy of Javascript for Beginners on his bedside table.

Cheri remains positive because, “well, you have to. We all make sacrifices.” To bridge the gap, Cheri has picked up a few more shifts at Paws and Claws, a pet grooming and manicure salon.

UPDATE: In a request for more information, Radcliff was “unavailable.” According to Cheri, the interview lasted five minutes. Unconfirmed sources tell us Radcliff has sequestered himself in his room with his old Nintendo, Mario Kart, and a box of tissues.

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