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Man blames Facebook privacy settings as excuse for never responding to girlfriends posts

POKIPSIE, MICHIGAN – A Michigan man yesterday admitted he blamed Facebook privacy settings for not responding to his girlfriend’s wall posts.  ”She gets mad at me for not ‘liking’ her morning coffee selection or the funny thing she said to her mother. Its just easier this way.”

“I just don’t think a lot of what she writes about is interesting,” the 24-year old continued, “I know that’s bad but it’s true.”

He claims the idea came to him in a flash.  He remembered a news report “several months back” that people were unhappy with Facebook’s Privacy Policy.  ”I told her I was concerned by my privacy and so me not getting her posts was a side effect. I actually don’t know how to change my privacy settings.”

In an unfortunate turn, the surprising admission was overhead by a co-worker who “thought it was funny” and promptly posted it to Facebook. Geralds girlfriend has updated her status to read, “is going to allow her ex to have more privacy” and has changed her relationship status to “single.”

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