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Mobile, Alabama optimizes self for smaller size, form factor

What the skyline of Mobile Alabama will look like once construction is complete

Artists rendering of new skyline

Mobile, Alabama

Current Mobile Alabama skyline

MOBILE, ALABAMA – In response to a growing discontent voiced at town hall meetings, the city council members of Mobile, Alabama have voted to take steps to redesign their city to better fit their current set of features.

In a statement released yesterday, the council proclaimed, “with our budget shortfalls and increased spending, the council has no option but to make severe, and drastic reorganization. Our plan may be a shock to some, but a benefit to all.”

The council presented a 3-page plan which includes:

  • all residents must move to the center of town, live in stacked housing units
  • advertising limited to the north and south tip of town
  • support for extra services will be limited or not available at all
  • cost of living will be determined by either AT&T, Verizon, or TMobile depending on style of house

Some residents welcome the change.  ”It’s really the future, you know, it’s in our name.”

Others have more creative ideas, “let’s change the city name to Desktop, Alabama. That might fix things.”

The motion is currently being considered by the City Council.

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